Our Clients

Move Makers. Ground Shakers.

Our typical clients are anything but typical. We find that we work best with leaders that have carved a unique path for themselves. They are ambitious and driven. They have a big vision for their future and they’re on the path to making it happen. They are already successful, but they’re always driving forward.

Our name, “Apogee,” refers to the highest point of development. But the truth is that our clients are always striving to better themselves as leaders in their organizations, families and communities, so this often feels like a moving target. Our role as their Wealth Advisors is to ensure that they have the freedom to focus on leading their best lives today.

Many of our clients, though not all, find themselves in one of the three scenarios below.

C-Suite Executives + Corporate Leaders
These executives have carved a path for themselves that few ever do. They are thoughtful, ambitious and have elevated their careers beyond what they may have ever thought possible.

Entrepreneurs + Business Owners
These business owners have built substantial opportunities for themselves largely from the ground up by bringing value to the marketplace. They are driven, focused and legacy-minded.

Professional Sales Leaders
These leaders have leveraged the framework of a franchise or sales career to create massive success. They are service-minded and well-connected.

If our team can be a resource to your or someone you love, please call our office or get in touch at this link.

Armen Sevag Khadiwala, CLU®
Wealth Management Advisor

Apogee Wealth Advisors


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